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About Us

Welcome to - a passionate and dedicated campaign group committed to advocating for the consumer rights of individuals and small medium businesses who have faced unjust treatment from banks and financial services companies, particularly when their accounts have been abruptly closed and essential services withdrawn. We stand united to make a difference in the lives of those affected and seek to bring about positive change in the UK financial landscape.

Our Mission


At, our primary mission is to champion fairness and transparency within the banking and financial services sector. We firmly believe that every individual and business, regardless of their size, deserves to be treated ethically and justly. Our collective goal is to challenge unfair practices and ensure that those impacted receive the support and justice they rightly deserve.

Who We Are was founded as an unincorporated association by a group of legal and finance professionals who share a common goal. Together, we possess a wealth of expertise and experience in dealing with financial matters and consumer rights. Our team is driven by a genuine desire to empower and protect the rights of those who have been wronged by powerful financial institutions.

Our Objectives

  1. Advocacy and Support: We offer a platform for individuals and small medium businesses to voice their grievances and share their experiences. Through collective advocacy, we aim to influence policymakers and regulatory bodies to implement fairer practices and stricter guidelines.

  2. Awareness and Education: strives to raise public awareness about consumer rights, highlighting the rights and protections afforded to individuals and businesses under the law. We provide educational resources to empower individuals with knowledge and understanding of their rights and how to assert them effectively.

  3. Collaboration and Networking: We actively seek partnerships and collaborations with like-minded organizations, legal experts, consumer advocates, and other campaign groups. By fostering strong networks, we can strengthen our impact and broaden our reach to support more individuals and businesses.

  4. Volunteer Engagement: We welcome volunteers who share our passion for consumer rights. If you have experience, ideas, or a desire to make a positive difference, we invite you to join our cause. Together, we can amplify our efforts and create a more equitable financial system.

Get Involved thrives on the dedication and commitment of its volunteers. If you have expertise in legal matters, financial services, advocacy, or simply a strong desire to contribute, we encourage you to become part of our team. Your skills, ideas, and enthusiasm can play a crucial role in shaping a fairer financial landscape.

Contact Us


We value your feedback, questions, and suggestions. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us through our website using the form below.


Stay updated with our latest campaigns and initiatives by following us on social media.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to uphold consumer rights and create a more just and transparent financial environment for all. Together, we can make a significant impact and bring about positive change. - Empowering Fairness in Finance

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